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The Property Podcast #547
Published 7th September 2023

3 strategies to bag yourself a deal in a difficult market

It’s a tricky market right now, but there are still deals to be done. Rob & Rob share tips and strategies on how you can secure yourself a deal.

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Ask Rob & Rob #396
Published 5th September 2023

How can I use this mortgage-free property? PLUS: Should I kick my tenants out?

What shall I do with a mortgage free property? And should I sell my investment property with the tenants in situ?

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The Property Podcast #546
Published 31st August 2023

I tried to sell a property at auction – this is what happened

From listing to gavel Rob D shares why he decided to sell his property at auction, how it went and what he learned about the process.

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Ask Rob & Rob #394
Published 22nd August 2023

Why avoid the South West? PLUS: Buy now, mortgage later?

Why do Rob & Rob think you should avoid investing in the South West? And is buying now and mortgaging later a good strategy whilst interest rates are high?

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Ask Rob & Rob #392
Published 8th August 2023

Is it time to sell this property? PLUS: How do you unlock equity gains?

Should I sell my buy-to-let property due to rising interest rates? And how do you access the equity gains I make from investing? Tune it to find out.

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Ask Rob & Rob #391
Published 1st August 2023

Is now a good time for buy-to-let? PLUS: Should I buy in a Ltd company if I want income?

Is now a good time to be investing in property? And should I invest as a Ltd company or as an individual if I want to take an income from my investments?

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Ask Rob & Rob #390
Published 25th July 2023

I’m scared of my property falling in value! PLUS: How do I set up a company?

Should I worry about my latest property falling in value? And how do I set up a ltd company? Find out today on Ask Rob & Rob.

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Ask Rob & Rob #387
Published 4th July 2023

Is this a good place for holiday lets? PLUS: What is this type of auction?

How can I determine whether this is a good area for a holiday let? And what is a “modern auction”, plus is there anything I should look out for?

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Ask Rob & Rob #385
Published 20th June 2023

I’m making a loss – what should I do? PLUS: What do I do with my deposit?

Should you sell up or deal with a short-term negative cash flow for long-term capital appreciation? And how can you make your money work harder?

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The Property Podcast #535
Published 15th June 2023

The “Monopoly” strategy: Update on Rob B’s portfolio

Unveiling Rob Bence's Monopoly-inspired portfolio strategy: discover what Rob’s doing with his portfolio right now and why he decided to switch it up.

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