How can I get the rental income from my investment property under control? PLUS: How can I prepare for the worst?

We have a treat for you today. It’s not just Ask Rob & Rob. It’s Ask Rob & Rob and Pete!

Pete Matthew from the Meaningful Money Podcast joins us today and answers your personal finance questions relating to property investment.

First up we have Lynsey from Brighton who is getting confused with the finances relating to her investment property. Should she use spreadsheets, apps or something else to make the whole process less overwhelming?

Pete is right on the money with the advice he gives. Mastering the art of budgeting, particularly with investment property, can often be a challenge. Hopefully his advice today will send Lynsey on her way to having her property income streamlined and her feeling more in control.

In another property related question, Tim from Cardiff has two investment properties – one in his name and the other he purchased via a limited company. We all know insurance can be a minefield, but what insurance do landlords actually need?

Pete talks us through the three main events: early death, critical illness and being unable to work. With some sound advice from Pete and our very own Rob & Rob, this podcast covers the need-to-know information for both new and experienced property investors. Protection is key.

Hit the listen button to hear this weeks invaluable advice from Rob & Rob… and Pete.

And if you’d like to hear more from Pete, head on over to the Meaningful Money Podcast or go to petesbook.com

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