How should I invest £200k? PLUS: What are your thoughts on mentoring?

This week the dynamic duo are back together after Rob B left Rob D to fly solo last week.

On this week’s Ask Rob & Rob, we’ve got two listeners who are asking The Robs their advice on how best to invest their lump sum of cash and what they think about mentors.

First up we’ve got Tom. Tom has joined his family business and they have £200,000 sat in their current account and he’s wanting to know how best to invest the money.

He wants to find out where he should invest, how much he should invest in each property and how many properties he should stretch his money across.

Rob B confesses that Tom shouldn’t be looking at investments right now. A bizarre move considering that’s what the Property Hub is about, but he has a pretty good reason for it. Hit the play button to find out why Rob B is advising this.

Next we’ve got Danny who is wanting to know what Rob & Rob think about mentoring. How much should it cost, what should it include and what are the key aspects to look out for?

Rob D advises there are two types of mentoring to look out for. One being somebody who has followed a specific strategy and succeeded, the other is the kind of mentor that you want to just check things along the way.

The Robs aren’t the biggest fans of mentors who charge extortionate prices, because why would you want to pay for something you can get for free right here at the Property Hub?

But nevertheless, Rob D explains what to look out for when choosing a mentor. Take a listen and let us know what you think.


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