Should I gamble on proposed Crossrail 2 plans? PLUS: How do I get a deal?

Rob & Rob are back for another round of listener questions! 

Getting us started this week is Kieran. 

Kieran is an estate agent in the East London area, and over the past 14 years he’s watched the market go from strength to strength. 

So, when he came into £200,000 in inheritance, he of course wanted to get involved as he knows the area well and has built up a good network. 

He’s recently witnessed the success of the Crossrail plans and the growth it’s brought to London with it, and it got him wondering about Crossrail 2. 

He’d love to know whether he should expand his search to the home counties as the proposed plans for Crossrail 2 could have these areas mimicking the success he’s seen first-hand in East London. 

Next up, we’ve got a cracking question from Klara. 

Klara’s looking to buy her first investment property, but she wants to know the best way she can bag herself a deal. 

Should she find a reliable and reputable sourcing company or save herself some pennies and get deal hunting? 

Tune in to find out what advice Rob & Rob have got for this week’s listeners. 

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