How goal setting will change your life

Rob B credits them with changing his life, and without exception, every successful person we know has them.

What are they? Goals, of course. And we don’t know how we had the restraint to go put off a whole session about goal setting to Episode 15 – because they really are fundamental to any great success.

We talk about the importance of setting goals, and making sure those goals are SMART:


We also share our own personal goal-setting systems, breaking them down into a step-by-step process, and talked about the importance of accountability and habits along the way. So tune into this week’s property podcast and listen out for them.

Turns out the Prince of Wales has been listening to The Property Podcast…maybe. At any rate, he’s been expanding his property portfolio, including spending 38m on a commercial building in Milton Keynes.

We also talked about a new book that we’re going to be featured in, Rob B teased us with news of a new podcast, and we shared some disturbing news about our buddy Ric…

This week’s resource of the week is another classic book this week: How To Win Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnegie.

You’ve probably heard of the book before, but the title might have put you off. Our purpose this week was to change your mind – “influence” doesn’t have to be sleazy, and because property is such a people business, reading this book can’t fail to make you more successful.

Tell us what you thought of the show!

What systems do you have for setting goals?

Do you have any goals you want to publicly share to get some accountability from the Property Podcast community at large?

Get in touch and let us know.

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