How the economic machine works: A summary

When investing in property, understanding how the economy works is just as important to your long term success as finding your target area, gaining finance or doing building work.

And few people understand how the economy works better than Ray Dalio. Among numerous other things, Ray is a billionaire investor, hedge fund manager and philanthropist. He’s also the creator of the absolutely brilliant and essential video “How The Economic Machine Works” (it’s also really worthwhile checking out Ray’s Youtube page too!).

We can’t recommend this video enough. We strongly urge everyone to check it out.  t’s only 30 minutes, but could really help you for years to come.  In this episode, we summarise Ray’s thoughts and illustrate how they apply to property investment.

And in the news this week, it appears that our predictions continue to come to fruition. Central London property prices are falling. While £600,000 off a home in Mayfair may seem like a drop in the ocean, it’s that drop that’s the beginning of the ripple effect. You can find out more here.

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