Market update 05

Rob & Rob are back again with another Friday market update for you.

This week Rob B is feeling a bit more positive than he has in past weeks. He may have seemed positive on the podcast when laying out what The Robs think might happen, but now we’re starting to see evidence.

One thing that’s been a positive this week is that it’s been a lot easier to get in touch with developers. Simply because they’ve now got more time on their hands.

Some may argue that it’s because they’re getting desperate and whilst some are desperate, there’s some good deals coming to light.

Another positive is that it appears that finance is still available and mortgage products are coming back on the market. Hurrah!

So although the property market is currently on hold, the fact that lenders are still willing to lend means it’s not a case of if the property market picks back up, it’s a matter of when.

The Robs are also discussing what they think is the best way for us to come out of this with a strong economy. Will you agree with them?

Enjoy – and we’ll be back next week!

P.S See if you can spot the mistake in this week’s episode…. the lockdown is clearly having an affect on one Rob in particular!


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