0 to 10 properties in five years – one listener’s story

Forget location, location, location – we’re talking about education, education, education. And today we have a guest who’s put ALL our property education into practice.

Today we’re kickstarting a two-part series and talking to Mark Ward who has taken all those property lessons and built himself a double digit portfolio in just five years! Impressive stuff.

So settle in and get ready to listen to what Mark has achieved and just how he did it. Who knows, this might just give you the kick start you need.

To give you some back story, Mark got in touch with us over on Instagram. Like many Property Podcast listeners, his journey started out accidentally – so for all you accidental landlords out there, this is an episode for you!

Mark has bought two properties per year at below market value, he’s then refurbished and refinanced them to release some cash. And in just 5 years, he’s got a pretty sweet, double-digit portfolio on his hands.

Rob D caught up with Mark to have a little chat about his journey so far. It’s definitely an episode you’ll want to listen to, no matter what stage of your property investment journey you’re at.


The Robs are also discussing the latest Hometrack price index in this episode. Once again Liverpool is top of the list, closely followed by Nottingham, Leicester, Manchester and Birmingham. Just behind them are Sheffield and Leeds which are all locations we tipped for big things at the start of the year.

This month, the report has looked at the amount of stock coming onto the market compared to the number of sales that have been agreed. In Manchester the ratio of sales to new supply has increased which is a signal that Manchester is likely to continue to grow in house prices – phenomenal considering how much Manchester has already grown in the past few years!

If you’re wanting further info on these hotspot locations, you can find our useful location guides over on the education section of our website which will certainly help you with narrowing down the areas you’d like to invest in.


Our Hub Extra this week is a new podcast recommendation! Don’t worry, The Robs haven’t started another podcast – not yet anyway. This podcast is called Heavyweight from Gimlet who produce a lot of great podcasts, but this one takes someone back to a moment in their life that they regret or keep thinking back to, and he helps them resolve that situation and move on.

It’s not ‘heavy’ in the tone of voice, it’s actually quite comical and really entertaining. So this is a good one for you to unwind with.


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