The power of focus (Listener journeys: Part 4)

This week on The Property Podcast we’ve got an action packed episode for you as we revisit some of our listeners success stories.

Today we’re catching up with three Hubbers who started their investment journey just one year ago.

First up we’ve got Sarah who started a flipping company in Sheffield and bought two buy-to-let properties. Sarah also teamed up with Simon, her project manager, in a joint venture (which we know a lot of you Hubbers are interested in) so this one will be worth a listen.

Next we spoke to Iain who started off with a two-bed house and then went on to convert his HMO into two houses. Not content with stopping there, he’s also  building a third property onto the end. Iain is used to the developer side of things, but he’s now also dipping his toe into the world of leasehold, mixing up his strategy. But what will the outcome be? Will he stick to developing or will he eventually become a lot more hands off?

Last but not least we’ve got Steve. When we last spoke to Steve he’d been investing for 5-6 years and had four buy-to-let properties. So what’s he been up to over the past 12 months? Steve is big on doing his research and has that much experience under his belt now, he could almost do it in his sleep! Tune in to hear about how Steve has successfully built his property portfolio.

So there we go…   three Hubbers, all who are doing incredibly well with their investment journeys, and all with completely different strategies.

If you have a success story, we’d love to speak to you!

Have you landed a deal, finished a refurb or simply taken your first step onto the buy-to-let ladder?

Let us know! We love hearing about how you’ve taken action. You can find us on the socials (facebook, twitter, instagram) @propertyhubuk or on the forum at propertyhub.net/forum

In the news this week, the most recent Hometrack report headlines ‘northern city house prices storm on as south succumbs to Brexit slowdown’. We hate to say it, but we saw this one coming from a mile off. The report also shows that Liverpool house prices are up 5.5% annually, just one of the hotspot locations we mentioned at the beginning of the year.

This week for our Hub Extra we haven’t got a tool for you, but more of an inspirational quote.

‘You can have anything you want… But not everything you want’.


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