20 more property investments to avoid

Our episode about 5 property investments to avoid sparked a discussion online where people chipped in with others of their own. So we thought we’d round up another 20 suggestions for investments to steer clear of.

This is the thread on Property Tribes where you can read about all of these, and plenty more we couldn’t fit in.

You’ll just have to listen to this week’s podcast to find out what they are.

Thank you to Vanessa Warwick from Property Tribes for her great suggestions. Also to Graham Clark for starting the discussion!

Hot off the press this week, London’s only property under £100,000 is on sale – and what a belter it is too.

So good in fact that even the estate agent called it “horrendous”! And the only selling point they could come up with was that “it’s easy to get a seat on the tube in the morning because it’s at the end of the line”.

But then, to make it look like more of a bargain, it is only 1/3 the cost of a £300,000 parking space that was put on sale in London earlier this month. Madness.

This week’s resource is Fitocracy – a website and app for iPhone and Android that helps you track your workouts.

More than that though, you can choose “Quests” to mix up your routines and push yourself a bit harder. Give it a try!

We also updated you on our experiences with Focus@Will, which we’re both now using and seem to be getting results with.

All the talk this week was about our London meetup – thank you to everyone who came! We officially have awesome listeners.

We also put out a call for your questions! If you’ve got anything you’d like to ask us for our special episode in a couple of weeks, use the button on the left to record a voicemail for us.

Tell us what you thought of the show!

What do you think of the investments we’ve suggested you avoid?

Are there any others you’d add to the list?

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