How to research any property investment

This week it’s due diligence all the way, as we discuss how you can analyse any property investment that comes your way.

In the episode, we talk through a 4-stop process for getting to the bottom of whether a deal is worth pursuing:

  • A “quick check” list to make sure it’s worth going further
  • Internet-based research
  • Phone research
  • Visiting in person

We cover everything you could possibly think of, if not more. If you’re thinking of starting research into property investment, then we highly recommend giving this week’s podcast a listen.

Sure, you could get a one-bedroom flat in Mayfair – or for the same rent you could rent this entire island, with its own chapel, jetty and extensive grounds.

Dealbreaker though: you’re not allowed to land your helicopter on the island. But then you can’t do that in Mayfair either.

This week we don’t have just one resource of the week, but 15 – courtesy of 15 alternatives to Rightmove listed in this article that appeared in the Guardian. Thank you to listener Andrew Ayim for sending it our way.

Rob B also mentioned that he’s experimenting with Bulletproof Coffee – full report to come in future weeks. If we can scrape him off the ceiling.

Tell us what you thought of the show!

Are there any other factors that you consider as part of your due diligence?

Has a bit of research saved you from making a bad buy in the past?

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