Can you use your pension to invest in property?

This week we’re talking pensions – but don’t switch off, it’s important! In fact, Rob B gave an impassioned plea for why you shouldn’t bury your head in the sand. Because after all, the pensions crisis isn’t going to magically sort itself out.

Specifically, we dedicated the bulk of this episode to the question “can I buy property within my pension?”

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Although we give you a general overview of the issues, we’re not pension experts and we’re not IFAs: it’s imperative that you consult a financial advisor before doing anything relating to your pension.

Friend of the podcast Pete Matthew would be a great place to start. He put together an excellent episode about what to look for when choosing a financial advisor.

Directly related to our main topic, our news story this week is about a property investor who used his pension to buy an airport. And yes, he uses it to fly to the Isle of Wight himself in his awesome looking gyrocopter.

Rob D paused the episode to add “buy an airport” to his property dreamline right away.

This week’s resource came courtesy of Rob B, who’s been interviewing for new staff members and wanted to share some interview tips. Even if you’ve sworn off working for other people, you can still take the principles and apply them directly to networking or any situation where you need to sell yourself to someone else.

To get Rob’s great tips, you’ll have to listen to the episode!

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