Should you invest for yield or capital growth?

This week’s episode is inspired by a conversation in The Property Hub. We dive into the issue of whether you should invest for a high yield or the potential for capital growth.

Are the two necessarily mutually exclusive? Which makes you the most money over time? We tackled those questions and more, with insights from some Hub members along the way.

Estate Agent Today reports that tax receipts from stamp duty are up £2 billion from last year – that’s a lot of money!

It shows that the property market really has come back to life with significantly more transactions. It might also be a reminder of why the government is so keen to talk the market up…

This week’s resource is courtesy of Property Hub member Martin Gordon, who recommended this New York Times calculator that determines whether you’re better off buying or renting.

The topic came up in this thread about whether investors own the home they live in. The calculator gives a really comprehensive insight into which makes the most financial sense – taking a lot of factors into consideration.

Also check out Martin’s blog, Simple Money Lifestyle, where he explains his thinking on the issue in more depth.

Join the conversation!

How do you weigh up yield and capital growth in your own investing strategy?

Do you agree with our analysis, or are there some points we didn’t consider?

Join the discussion in The Property Hub!

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