Long term property predictions

This week we laid ourselves open to looking very daft indeed. Simply by making some long-term property predictions based on the 18-year property cycle.

The beauty of the cycle is that while no two cycles are ever quite the same, it’s a great framework for guiding your own thinking and arriving at solid conclusions. So to hear our stab at crystal ball gazing, listen to the episode!

We’d love to hear your thoughts too. Have a listen, then jump down to the bottom to find out how to add your comments!

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It was announced in the news this week that the fastest place to sell your house is…not London! OK, most of the Top 10 is London, but Cambridge comes out on top at 27 days, according to results published in This Is Money.

Across all the top areas, houses are shifting 30-40% faster than they were a year ago. The article also lists the 10 slowest areas, which we were too polite to name and shame on air (and also, we weren’t sure how to pronounce some of them).

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Does the model of the 18-year cycle help you to make any predictions for what you think the future holds for property prices?

Do you think we’re wide of the mark with any of ours?

We’d love to know, so join the discussion in The Property Hub!

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