I’m an accidental landlord…get me out of here!

We’ve spent the last 78 weeks talking about intentional property investment. However, it doesn’t start out that way for lots of people. It’s very common to become an “accidental landlord”, and that often becomes a springboard into further property investing.

So this week we set out a framework for what to do if you do become an accidental landlord!

If you’re an experienced investor, there should be something in this episode for you too. It’s a great excuse to go back over the basics and start seeing the big picture.

To get all the details, make sure you listen to the episode!

There are plenty of tools out there to help you make sense of the baffling business of arranging meetings across time zones, but our favourite is World Time Buddy. It shows you the different times in a format that’s easy to see at-a-glance where your overlaps are, and you can easily send a link to all the participants with your suggested times.

Next time you need to get an international call or meeting scheduled, give it a try!

In the news this week, investors are more optimistic about British housing than any other asset class, according to a story in City A.M..

It’s a short-term measure, as respondents were asked for their sentiment about what would happen in the next six months, but it’s probably safe to say that property’s long-term appeal isn’t in much doubt either.

In other news, we’re launching a new podcast! But we’ve already said too much: more on that next week…

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