Property Investment Tips (and a party!)

It’s Episode 100! And not only that, but it’s also the day we’re releasing our new book, 100 Property Investment Tips!

You can pick up the book on Amazon completely free for the next 5 days – so click here to head over to Amazon and grab it, and we’d really appreciate you spreading the word so as many people as possible can get it while it’s free.

In the episode itself we picked out 7 of our favourite contributions from the book – one from each of the 7 chapters. The tips were:

  • Account for your time and energy as well as your costs (Jayne Owen)
  • Be ballsy while negotiating (Kylie Ackers)
  • Check your financing every six months (Graham Clark)
  • Allow your tenants to personalise the property (Lynne Rees)
  • Focus on capital growth – not just rent (Rob Bence)
  • Offset education costs against tax (Iain Wallis)
  • Use block viewings to generate urgency (Tom Mannifield)

There are 93 more where they came from, so go get the book now!

For our resource this week, thank you to David Sables in The Property Hub, who pointed us towards The Secret Weapon – a free series of videos that shows how to make best use of Evernote to make yourself more organised and productive by making use of David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” methodology.

So free videos about a free tool that can save you a boatload of time…surely well worth checking out!

And in the news,Estate agents have teamed up to launch a competitor to Rightmove and Zoopla. The idea is that the agents who take part become part-owners of the business – but they have to choose to advertise only on Rightmove or Zoopla if they want to take part.

It’s supposed to break up the duopoly of the big two, but will vendors be upset that their marketing is being compromised as the grudge between agents and portals intensifies? Watch this space!

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