Never sell a property?

“Never sell a property” is the default advice that tends to get dished out to investors, and under many circumstances that makes sense…but it’s helpful to consider situations where selling might make sense.

In this episode we explore the reasons why “never sell” often makes sense, and when it doesn’t. Including:

  • Playing the property cycle to beat average returns
  • Offloading dud deals to make money work harder elsewhere
  • Dealing with changes in personal and tax circumstances

So should you sell a property? It depends – some people’s strategies rely on it, while others would never dream of doing so. All that matters is what works for you, but you’ll make better decisions by at least understanding and considering both sides of the argument.

As you’d expect, this all ties into our discussion of the 18 year property cycle – if you want a refresher on the idea, Episode 69 is the place to start.

Plenty of investors are looking to cash in on Crossrail – and listener Adrian Cormican has helpfully passed on this Crossrail research tool.

It shows, for each stop along the line, all manner of data about the projected impact of Crossrail which you might want to feed into your analysis if this is an investment you’re looking at making.

Three-bed homes are showing the fastest rent rises, according to a new rental index that’s coming out later this month.

The new index from Landbay claims to be the first to break down rental prices by number of bedrooms as well as by region, so it may well be a useful extra data source to keep an eye on.

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