Sharing our most unpopular property opinions

You’re probably not going to like this…

We’re going to ruffle a few feathers this week as Rob & Rob are revealing their most unpopular property opinions. 

And honestly, we can’t quite believe some of these! 

The guys have got plenty of opinions and they’re famous for not being aligned with the crowd and that’s definitely going to be the case today.  

From referencing working both ways, to paying capital gains tax on your main residence, Rob & Rob are not holding back.  

Some of the opinions are pretty controversial, so much so, that Rob & Rob don’t even agree – this is one episode you really don’t want to miss. 

And if you’re wanting to hear why Rob & Rob think property is an awful way to make money, you can find the full episode here. 

In the news

Selective licensing schemes, we’ve all heard of them and some of us have to pay to have them. 

So, we were pretty shocked to find out that nearly 2/3 of the councils that run these schemes don’t actually record the number of complaints they’re receiving! 

Hub Extra

This week’s Hub Extra is for those of you that, like Rob B, don’t enjoy travelling and hate queueing! 

We’ve got some simple tips that might cost you a little extra but will make your travel experience A LOT more enjoyable. 

Tip 1 – Opt for a meet and greet service over standard airport parking 

Rather than paying to just park your car in the airport, you can choose a meet and greet service that’ll let you drive to the closest location to the airport, hand over your keys and someone will go park it for you. Then just let them know when you arrive, and they’ll bring your car back around to you! 

Tip 2 – Book fast passes (in advance) 

This one we don’t recommend leaving until the last minute as it can work out pretty expensive, but if you book your fast passes in advance, often for around the same price as a pint you’ll be able to skip the queues and whiz through security! 

Tip 3 – Get a credit card that gives you lounge access 

Some credit cards will offer airport lounge access as a benefit, and honestly, it’s a complete game changer! After whizzing through security, you can sit back and relax in a lounge that’s stocked up with food and drinks. So, skip the uncomfortable chairs and get yourself in a lounge. 

Tip 4 – Pick your seats at the front 

Quite simply, you’ll get off the plane much quicker than everyone else and be at the front of those queues! So, no need to be spending ages in the security line, plus you’ll be the first to grab your drinks/snacks from the carts on the plane. 

Tip 5 – Upgrade to faster luggage drop-off for the way home 

Another time saver and complete game changer. By simply paying a little extra your bags will be the first on and off the plane! 

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