Dave Ramsey is WRONG

This week on The Property Podcast we’re battling with Dave Ramsey on mortgages

If you’ve not heard of Dave Ramsey before he’s a huge financial personality across the pond, and he believes that you should NEVER use a mortgage.

And if you’ve been listening to The Property Podcast for a while now, you’ll know that Rob & Rob probably have a fair few things to say about this.

So, in this episode The Robs explain why Dave Ramsey is completely wrong and how leverage is an investor’s super weapon.

In the news

This week’s news article is an interesting one as it claims that the stamp duty holiday had no effect on the current market frenzy.

Think-tank has suggested that the stamp duty holiday impact has been overstated, but what do Rob & Rob think?

Hub Extra

We’re back with another triple whammy of resources for you to soak up this week.

The first one is The Meaningful Money podcast which covers all aspects of money and personal finance. It’s definitely worth a listen as Pete Matthew breaks down everything you need to know in everyday language.

We’ve mentioned this one before, but only because we swear by it and that’s the Rich Dad Poor Dad book. Robert Kiyosaki talks all things good debt vs. bad debt, so don’t just take our word for it and give this one a read.

If one book isn’t enough, then make sure you give The Millionaire Fastlane a read. It’s a cheesy title, and a bit of a cheesy book but it’s essential if you want to understand the concept of building your wealth and creating more money for yourself.

And if you’re looking for the Turn £100,000 into £1 million YouTube video Rob & Rob mentioned, you can find it here.

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