Why property goes up in value

Are you one of these people who assumes that property goes up in value when it comes to property investment? But you don’t know why it goes up in value?

Well that’s what we looked at in this episode. We broadly talked about three reasons why properties in the UK tend to get more expensive over time:

  • Constrained supply and growing demand
  • Access to lending
  • Fear and greed

We unpick all the individual factors within those reasons, and compare the UK market to Germany, Spain and the US (if only so Rob D has an excuse to book more holidays in the name of “research”). Listen to the episode to get all the details…

In the news this week a study this week reported that only 45% of people are saving enough for retirement. Optimistic, we think – but Rob B showed remarkable restraint in keeping his “why the state pension is a ponzi scheme” rant down to 30 seconds.

We also mentioned new criticisms of the government’s Help To Buy scheme, which we talked about in detail last week.

This week’s resource is a bit of a cheat – we’re not going to change your life by telling you there’s a website called Rightmove, but we will be teaching you all our tips and tricks to use it more effectively in a special episode next week

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