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Property jobs: Why you should work in property

Last updated: 4th August 2022

Property is a hot topic, so naturally we’re always inundated with CVs from those who are on the lookout for property jobs. We’re not lying when we say we have hundreds, if not thousands of applications from candidates, all itching to start or further their career in the property sector.

So why is that?

The variety of property jobs on the market

Working in property is much more than a job, and much more than simply ‘selling a property’. Like other industries, you could work in core teams such as marketing, sales, customer care, IT, human resources… no matter what your area of focus is, there’ll be a property job for you to slot right on into.

One thing that we look for across all our property departments is a true ‘people-person’. With a property job, you’re working across different internal departments and external customers – whether they’re clients, solicitors, lenders or developers. You’ll need the people skills and to have the ability to work around others wants and needs.

Basically what we’re saying is that yes, there are a wide variety of property jobs, but there’s a whole variety of different skills to consider too.

As well as the variety, the property industry is also incredibly fast-paced and no two days are the same. So whilst you’ll have plenty of great days, be prepared for some curveballs flying your way.

Property jobs are here to stay

OK, so we know there are dips – and if you didn’t know this, you should read up on the property cycle – but property always recovers. That’s a fact. So if you’re wanting a career in property, and you find that this is where you belong… you’ll always have a career in property.

Right now, the property industry is booming – particularly the property investment market. And with this, the growth of other property areas is inevitable; such as lettings and tax.

There are so many property jobs on the market right now, so finding a business that you click with (and you believe in) is really important. We’ve mentioned on the Property Podcast numerous times… there are some great eggs on the market, but also some rotten ones. Do your research and learn how to sniff them out.

We have property jobs available across all departments right now due to the demand for our services and our growth. But we’re also very picky – more on that later!

Why should you look for in a property job?

  • Is the role right for you?
  • Does it play to your strengths?
  • Is there room for progression?
  • What’s the company culture like?
  • Do you have a similar ethos?
  • Do they have core values? (And we don’t mean ones they stick on the wall and forget about!)

The list goes on.

Before looking for your next property job, really have a think about what’s important to you in your next role. Is it the work, the team, the culture – or a combination of all three. Or something entirely different.

The recruitment process is a two way street. That’s why anyone who interviews here at Property Hub, we like to have more of a conversation – not an interview. Yes, we want to know about you and your experience, but we also want someone to stay with us for the long-haul, so we want to make sure we’re the right fit for you too.

We asked some of our team what they liked most about their property job at Property Hub:

“Property is an industry that’s constantly evolving! It’s incredibly fulfilling putting together deals and helping investors achieve their goals. I also like that I can use my knowledge of property investment to achieve my own life goals and live a fulfilling life.

Working for a property investment company like Property Hub is really refreshing. Its vision and mission to help others through education, the free resources we provide and the incredible content we put out is just something I’ve never seen before.”Tom, Property Sourcer

“Working in property wasn’t a first thought for me, as I initially assumed that it was a very corporate world and that it would be too ‘serious’ for my kind of personality. But I was very much mistaken!

Working in property has opened a whole host of new opportunities that I may not have had the chance to be a part of in another company. No two days are ever the same, there’s always something new to be doing or improving, and each week you can be working on a new campaign, a new investment deal or an interesting content piece.

Here at the Property Hub, everyone is like family, which is why I love it so much. The fact that we hire our team members not just on skills, but also how well they fit in with our core values is definitely a big positive in my eyes. I thoroughly enjoy coming to work each day and seeing all the smiling faces.”Meg, Marketing Executive

“After getting started with my own buy-to-let properties, I had first-hand experience of how property can be a great vehicle for growing wealth. The common misconception is that property is all about buildings – houses and apartments – but actually what you find is that property is just as much about the people. This is perfect for me, because I love to meet new people, share knowledge and help them to achieve their goals.

Property Hub is everything that a property company should be in my eyes. The culture from the top-down is open and honest and the company’s focus on demystifying property investment for people is a breath of fresh air. The team at Property Hub are all so positive and helpful, as well as focussed and driven to offer clients the very best possible experience.”Steve, Portfolio Manager

We have a load of property jobs, but we’re picky

We’re picky because we care. Working in property isn’t just a job for the majority of us here at Property Hub – for example, most of the team in Property Hub Invest are experienced investors themselves. They eat, sleep and breathe the investment market. And this helps them to advise our clients on strategies suitable for them.

We care massively about everyone we come into contact with and we have high standards, so naturally our recruitment process to bag a property job is probably a bit more comprehensive than most.

We love candidates who do their research, have really taken the time to analyse the job spec in detail and can ‘wow’ us with plenty of examples. But equally we also love it when candidates are themselves – we want to see that personality shine.

We know property job interviews can be nerve wracking, but we really do try our best to keep it relaxed.

If you fancy a listen on how to bag your dream property job, Rob & Rob recorded a podcast which will help you – no matter what industry you’re wanting to secure a job in.

Fancy starting your property career?

Have we convinced you that a career in property is right for you? If you said “yes”, we may have just the property job for you.

We’re always on the lookout for the best of the best and right now at Property Hub we have vacancies across marketing, tax, invest and lets!
So why should you want to work at Property Hub? Here’s a little taster of what you can expect:

  • A family atmosphere
  • Regular get-togethers and social activities
  • A load of health and wellbeing initiatives including run clubs and yoga classes
  • Fully stocked office bar
  • Regular team lunches
  • Core value awards

Want further info? Head on over to our careers page and see if you fit the bill.

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