You are… Long-term Lou

A generous pension, security for your family, and something to pass on: property is the perfect investment for achieving these important, long-term goals.

Good news! You already have the most important asset when it comes to property: time.

Yes, you can make money quickly in property – but it requires a lot of effort, a fair slice of luck, and taking on more risk than you might be comfortable with.

The fundamentals of property investment mean that when you’ve got more time, you don’t have to take big risks – or even do anything that clever. Just set yourself up correctly at the start, buy wisely, and the hidden (but powerful) forces of inflation and supply and demand will do the rest.

Here’s an example:

  • Ten years ago, the average house in the UK cost £156,828. To buy it with a buy-to-let mortgage, you would have needed to put down £39,000 as a deposit.
  • Today, the average house costs £214,578 – so if you sold, you’d have made a 150% return on your investment… AND made a profit every month on the rent!
  • The longer the time frame, the more this compounds: over 20 years, you would have made a 350% return

But you can do a lot better than “average”.

In reality, you’ll never buy the “average” property. You can do a lot better… or a lot worse.

You’ll have heard horror stories about property, for sure. People who’ve had houses plummet in value, bought villas overseas that never got built, had tenants who refused to pay the rent and wouldn’t leave…

These things happen every day. But they’re all avoidable.

There’s no investment in the world that guarantees success even if you don’t do any research and just pile in blindly. (If anyone promises you guaranteed success, you should be very suspicious!)

But if you do take the time to learn the basics and form the right plan, you can do far better than average.

The difference between buying the right property or the wrong property…

in the right place or the wrong place…

at the right time or the wrong time……will make an enormous difference to your long-term wealth.

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