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About Rob Dix

Rob Dix is one of the co-founders of Property Hub, and now serves as its Marketing Director.

Rob has been investing in property for over 12 years. He started just investing on the side as something to do with his spare cash, but soon became obsessed: in 2012 he started his Property Geek blog as a way of exploring the ideas behind successful investment in more depth.

His own property portfolio has given him the flexibility to travel the world with his family, and the freedom to do what he loves: learn, simplify, then pass that knowledge on.

As Marketing Director of Property Hub, Rob is responsible for producing outstanding educational resources, then spreading them to inform and inspire as many investors as possible.

You can hear Rob along with co-founder Rob Bence every week on The Property Podcast.

Rob Dix’s most popular property books

The Complete Guide To Property Investment

The Complete Guide To Property Investment gives you the insight, information and action plan you need to navigate the new property landscape and come out on top.

It starts by demonstrating – with real-life examples – a range of strategies suited to achieving different investment goals. Only then does it take you step by step through every aspect of researching, financing, buying and managing investment properties.

How To Be A Landlord

How To Be A Landlord is a straightforward guide to everything involved in letting and managing a property – whether you’re an accidental landlord or an enthusiastic investor.

In simple and entertaining language, it covers important steps like preparing the property to let, advertising for tenants, conducting viewings, doing all the paperwork, managing the tenancy, and dealing with any tricky situations that crop up (including the dreaded emergency repairs and evictions…).

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