welcome to Property Hub Select

Property Hub Select has been created in partnership with Gallium Fund Solutions Ltd, a company authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, to offer you access to exclusive business and investment opportunities created by Property Hub Select.  

Because we’re legally required to collect certain information before discussing investments with you, we’ll need you to answer a few questions. And once you’re done, you can learn about all the different ways we can help you – as well as hear more about the exclusive benefits of our Property Hub Select group. 

As some of the investments we offer are regulated, you’ll also need to read some information about this type of investment and who it’s suitable for, so we can talk to you about the widest range of opportunities. 

What’s a NMPI?

A NMPI is a collective investment scheme that:  

1) pools together investors' monies  

2) is not authorised and registered by the FCA  

3) does not trade on a listed market  

The NMPIs created by Property Hub Select & Gallium Fund Solutions Ltd can’t be promoted to ordinary retail investors, which is why membership to Property Hub Select is purely for Professional Investors, Eligible Counterparties, High Net Worth, Sophisticated and Self Certified Investors.  

Am I the right type of investor?

On the following page you will see four categories, and will need to select the group that applies to you. Without knowing which investor category you are, we’re unable to disclose any relevant information or financial promotion. As part of Property Hub Select membership, we need to consider:  

  • your knowledge of investing  
  • your experience of investing  
  • your financial situation so that we can assess whether you are able financially to bear the risk of investments; and  
  • your investment objectives so that we can assess if the investment opportunity meets those objectives. 

This information gives us an indication of your understanding of investment products and the associated risks. Any information you give us should be accurate and not misleading, and you’ll need to notify us if there is any material change in the information you’ve provided.  

Property Hub Select and Gallium Fund Solutions Ltd don't provide financial advice, nor can we assess the suitability of any fund investment. If you require advice, you should contact a qualified investment advisor.