Property Hub Homes

Building the perfect properties for investors and tenants

Landlords and tenants are usually painted as being in opposition. But really, they both want the same thing

Tenants want a great home where they can live hassle-free for as long as they want to stay, and the owners just want the rent to be paid for as long as possible without any drama.

The key to keeping both sides happy? The right property – built in high-demand areas, to top specification, with features geared towards the needs of the rental market.

That’s what Property Hub Homes builds.

Take a look at our recent project:

Grand Junction, Crewe

This site had all of the fundamentals we’d look for in a project:

  • Capital growth potential
  • Excellent connection links – including a proposed HS2 station
  • Located just over one mile from the town centre
  • National house builders were active in the area so there was a provable market value of new builds
  • Large scale investment being ploughed into the area

The site didn’t just land on our laps; we’d been monitoring planning applications in our target locations – places we knew had great rental demand and strong capital growth prospects – and we saw the application for a new housing development had been passed.

After some detective work by our team, we’d made contact with the architect who agreed to pass our details to the land owner – and the rest, as they say, is history.

After making some design amendments and having planning re-approved, the site has been a hive of activity ever since.

We’re almost complete now, and ready to hand the properties over to their owners (and their tenants).

Property Hub Homes is the trading name of Olive Property Construction Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales with company number 10183034

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