NEW PODCAST: I tried to sell a property at auction – this is what happened

“This was the easiest purchase I’ve ever made” 

Dan Riedo is a freelance podcast producer based in Hong Kong. He bought his first property through Property Hub Invest in 2023. 

What motivated you to invest in UK property? 

I was already investing in the UK property market before I left, and I wanted to continue building my portfolio for when I return. 

Why did you choose to use Property Hub Invest? 

I had bought a couple of properties while abroad, but it was such an effort. It took a lot of time and cost a significant amount of money for travel expenses like flights, trains, and hotels. After realising this, I decided to do my next deal through Property Hub Invest since I could handle everything from home. 

What type of property did you invest in, and why? 

I opted for a two-bed, new-build flat within my price range, aiming for capital growth. I wanted something new with minimal maintenance issues, as some of my current properties have ongoing problems. 

How did you navigate the process of purchasing property in the UK? 

It was straightforward, all conducted online with the Property Hub team. Meetings were done via Zoom, and their partners handled legal and financial matters efficiently. 

How did Property Hub Invest help with this process? 

Property Hub Invest organised everything, from mortgage brokers familiar with my chosen development to conveyancing, ensuring a smooth and swift process. They made sure I connected with the right people at the right time. 

Did you face any challenges? 

No, everything went smoothly.  

How much work has there been to do since your purchase? 

I found my own lettings agent locally, following online research and discussions. Once set up, they coordinated with Property Hub and the developer, handling everything while I simply forwarded emails.  

How did you handle financial aspects like mortgages, taxes, and currency exchange? 

Property Hub had a broker lined up who knew the development and the appropriate lenders beforehand. Since I purchase property via a limited company, taxes and currency exchange were already managed. 

Have you encountered any cultural or regulatory differences that impacted your property investment experience? 

None at all. 

What advice would you give to someone considering investing in the UK? 

Prepare in advance by knowing your long-term goals, seeking tax advice, and setting up a reliable money transfer system. Having these in place before investing can make the process smoother. 

Would you recommend Property Hub Invest? 

Absolutely. This was the easiest purchase I’ve ever made, saving me both time and money. Handling everything remotely from my laptop was incredibly convenient, and I even received a discount on the market price. For anyone looking to build a portfolio while living abroad, it’s a no-brainer.