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Property Hub Invest Referral Scheme

Terms & Conditions

We value our clients and are committed to offering a fair and transparent referral scheme.  

These Terms & Conditions outline the key details and requirements to ensure a seamless referral process.

Our Referral Offer

  1. Referral Fee: £500 flat fee per eligible client referral. 

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Referring Client: Only existing Property Hub Invest clients who meet the following criteria are eligible to refer new clients under this scheme:
    • The referring client must have purchased at least one property through Property Hub Invest. 
    • The purchase of the referring client’s property must have legally completed. 
    • This referral scheme applies only to existing clients who begin the referral process on or after June 14th 2024. Clients who made referrals before this date will not be eligible to participate in the scheme. scheme.
  1. Referred Client:  
    • The referred client must not have had any prior contact with Property Hub Invest, including but not limited to; submitting enquiries, subscribing to newsletters, or receiving any marketing emails. 
    • The referred client must be introduced via the correct referral route so Property Hub can ensure accurate records are kept. Referrals made outside of this process will not be eligible.


  1. The referred client must reserve their property within 12 months from the date of referral for the referring client to qualify for the referral fee. 
  2. Clients may refer new clients prior to the legal completion of their own property purchase.

Payment Terms  

  1. The referral fee will be paid to the referring client after the legal completion of the referred client’s first property purchase with Property Hub Invest.  
  2. The referral fee payment will be processed and paid to the referring client within one calendar month of Property Hub Invest receiving all necessary information and documentation required to process the referral fee. 
  3. The referral fee applies only to the first property purchased by the referred client.

Referral Process

  1. Referrals must be submitted through our official referral form, which can be accessed at 

General Terms

  1. This referral scheme cannot be combined with any other offers or promotions provided by Property Hub Invest.  
  2. The referring client and the referred client must not be:  
    • The same individual.  
    • Residing at the same address.  
    • Co-owners or shareholders of the same limited company or business entity that will be used to purchase the property from Property Hub Invest. 
  3. The referral fee is payable only once per referred client, regardless of the number of properties purchased.  
  4. This Referral Scheme is subject to our General Business Terms & Conditions, which can be found at Please review these terms as they provide additional context and details about our services and policies. 


  1. Property Hub Invest is not responsible for any technical issues, miscommunication, or other issues that may prevent a referral from being properly submitted or recorded. 

Changes and Termination

  1. Property Hub Invest reserves the right to modify or terminate this referral scheme at any time without prior notice. Any modifications or termination will not affect referrals already submitted before the change or termination date. 

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

  1.  These terms and conditions are governed by English law. Any disputes arising under or in connection with these terms shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

If for any reason you are not totally clear about any of the above, please contact your Portfolio Manager for clarification or contact us by email at [email protected].