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Property investment deals

How do we get them?

We often get asked how we get investment deals for our Property Hub Invest clients. And in all honesty, it takes time, effort and a heck of a lot of due diligence. We pass on roughly 90% of the investment deals we’re presented with. Why? Because they just don’t stack up. Either the fundamentals aren’t right, the discount is low (or non-existent) or the developer is dodgy. Or a combination of all three – and then some.

So how do we bag these property investment deals to pass on to you?

Put simply: we have a dedicated sourcing team. It’s their primary role to make sure that we’re negotiating the best property investment deals for our Property Hub Invest clients.

They’re consistently building and maintaining relationships with both regional and national developers, scouring their stock for the key fundamentals of a good property investment, and negotiating that all-important discount.

But developers aren’t renowned for just giving hefty discounts willy-nilly: there has to be something in it for them too.

How do we negotiate discounts with developers?

Because we operate at scale and sell hundreds of properties a year, we have a proven track record of delivering sales – and that’s a big plus for developers who have sales targets to meet.

And sales targets are the key driver here. Here are two examples of where we’ve successfully negotiated discounts:

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1. Developer launches a new site

They’re keen to demonstrate a number of off-plan sales to kick-start their sales process or to satisfy their lender at the start of the development

2. Developer is almost sold out at site

They’ve had a great stream of sales but need to sell the remaining units quickly so they can move onto their next site

In both cases, our team have negotiated a discount to get the units sold quickly – giving our investors a great deal and also giving the developers the sales figures they need. You could say it’s win-win.

But it’s not just about the fundamentals and the discount.

Developers have to play by our rules so we can protect our Property Hub Invest clients.

Our terms are pretty strict

And for good reason.

We have a reputation to uphold and our clients are paying for our knowledge, expertise and due diligence. That doesn’t mean that our clients can wash their hands of doing their own research, it just means that a lot of the groundwork has been done for them.

Not only that, but we make sure our clients are as protected as possible. Deposits are rarely over 10% and they’re always fully protected.

If the checks don’t get approved by our panel of solicitors and specialist mortgage brokers, we don’t present the deal to our clients. It’s that simple.

We also won’t accept investment deals that have already been hawked around by multiple other companies, so only the most exclusive deals with discounts get past our checks.

If we’re not right for you, there are ways to negotiate a property investment deal yourself

If you don’t want to work with us, that’s fine.

In fact, we’re pretty open about the fact that you can bag a great deal by yourself, using the same principles that we do.

Even without the benefit of being able to negotiate or buy in bulk, it is possible to sometimes get at least some level of discount – it’s all about timing.

At certain times, developers might be more willing to consider a discount:

  1. At the beginning of the build when they need to demonstrate a number of off-plan reservations to kick-start sales activity.
  2. When there are only a few properties left on-site and the developer wants a quick exit.
  3. When they need to hit their half-year or year-end sales targets.


The third point is where you can really drive a hard bargain. Most national house builders publish their half-year and year-end sales figures online, so it’ll be easy to track down when this is and use it to your advantage.

Or, you could even visit the on-site showhome and the sales representatives will be able to tell you when these dates are approaching.

There are two handy courses we’ve done for Property Hub University which explains how you can win with off-plan property. We’ve also done another one which and delves into other ways you can get a deal when buying investment property.

Both are completely free and will help give you some useful pointers when negotiating your next investment property deal.

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