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Building you a premium portfolio – at a discount

We’ve been building portfolios for hands-off investors for the last eight years – and our relationships with developers allow you to buy directly from them at exclusive discounts we’ve negotiated on your behalf.

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How we work

Call up, be shown a lot of deals, get pressured into buying one?


Our process starts with a totally free one-to-one session focused on your goals – and the support we offer goes far beyond just picking out an investment.

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How we do it

No secrets here! Property Hub Invest is about far more than just sourcing property – but if you want to find your own investments, we’ll happily tell you exactly how to do it.

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We’re not for everyone

Our investment model is designed to maximise long-term wealth generation. It’s not “get rich quick”, it’s not the most exciting, and it might not be for you.

But if our strategy is a good match for what you want to achieve, we can help you build a hands-off portfolio that delivers life-changing results.

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Want to find out more?

Enter your details so we can send you more information, and we'll contact you for a brief intro call

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is a strategy meeting?

    A strategy meeting is an important part of our process: it’s where you get to sit with one of our Portfolio Managers and talk strategy (amongst many other things).

    You can visit our office in London if you’d like to meet us face-to-face, or we can arrange a Zoom call.

  • Why don’t you source property in [insert location here]?

    There are great deals to be had in many pockets throughout the UK, but we carefully select ours based on our investment model. We focus on areas with strong capital growth prospects and where we can negotiate the best deals i.e. that all important discount.

    Put simply, we focus on the areas we believe to be high performing for our investors and where we can negotiate the best deals.

  • Why aren’t your investments on your website?

    We don’t showcase investments on our website for a number of reasons:

    1. Our investment deals are exclusive to us – and therefore are exclusive to our Property Hub Invest clients. It’s also often a condition of the deals we secure that they’re to be launched completely off-market to allow developers to be discreet with the level of discount we’ve negotiated with them.
    2. There’s far too much information to digest from just a web page. We compile investment reports, cashflows, galleries, spec docs – the list goes on. We want our investors to be well informed to make a decision.
    3. Our investment deals are always over-subscribed, meaning any deals we put on the website would very quickly be outdated.

    Check out our case studies to see examples of typical deals we’ve secured in the past, and get in touch if you’d like to start seeing live investment opportunities.

  • Why do you charge a fee when I can do this myself?

    We’re very open about the fact that you can source investment deals yourself. We’ve even shared how we do it and given you a handy checklist you can use as a guide to doing your due diligence. But many people can’t put in the hours of legwork needed to find deals of their own, so choose to work with us.

    We also have the advantage of being able to buy in bulk, and having great relationships with developers – both of which allow us to negotiate discounts, which are then passed over to you.

    And our service goes far beyond the deal itself. We hand-hold you throughout the entire process – doing all the legwork with your solicitor and mortgage broker, and helping you deal with any issues that come up.

    Importantly, you don’t pay us anything until you’ve found an investment you’re happy with – and the discount we secure is always higher than our fee.

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